Video Analysis


Video Analysis

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Have your lifts analyzed at your convenience without ever having to leave your own gym or garage. To ensure your videos are analyzed by only Coach Amber we cap the number of packages available.

If you are unable to purchase a package then that means we are not currently taking on more clients; email us to be put on our waiting list. Once a space becomes available you will be emailed.

Stand alone videos, weekly, monthly, and 3 month review packages are available.

All sales are final. No refunds.

Expiration Dates from Date of Purchase:

Single videos: 30 days

Training session review: 30 days

5 video package: 60 days

Monthly review (1 or 2x a week): Must begin service within 14 days. Videos must be sent that week or they will be lost. Weeks run Monday-Sunday. Videos will not roll over.

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