Coach Amber is co-founder and owner of Mississippi Barbell: a strength sport nonprofit for the state. Along with Tyler Smith, Coach Amber formed the first USA Weightlifting sanctioned Club in the State. Located in the metro Jackson, MS area, the organization trains and promotes weightlifting, powerlifting, & sports performance.  The main pillar of the organization is to provide funding to help alleviate travel costs for all of our athletes; as a 501(c)(3) every dime Barbell makes goes back into our athletes.

In order to promote weightlifting in the state, Mississippi Barbell travels the Region conducting seminars with our team for other gyms and coaches. Many of the state's coaches have interned with Coach Amber and Tyler to learn how to meet coach and teach the lifts to their athletes.


Mississippi Barbell was the first organization to host USAW meets in the state including the annual state championship. Coach Amber serves as meet director and social media specialist for all of the nonprofit's events. To date, the organization has qualified and brought athletes to every USAW National level meet. Many being the first Mississippi natives to attend such events let alone be apart of a full Mississippi Barbell team.

Mississippi Barbell serves as a resource for anyone looking to compete inmeets and for anyone who wants to improve their lifts for sports performance. In addition to the USAW team, Mississippi Barbell also has a sanctioned USAPL club with multiple national medalists and one current World Champion/Record Holder on it's roster. The organization has brought athletes to Highland Games events as well.  It is open to all levels of lifters from any walk of life, at any age, who want to become better athletes and have fun along the way. In order to be the best, you have to train with the best. And that is exactly what Mississippi Barbell aims to be.

Learn more about Mississippi Barbell here and order a shirt, attend a seminar, or donate to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit to help support weightlifting in Mississippi. All donations are tax deductible.