Sheppard Strength also works alongside gym owners and managers to help improve their facilities and athletes.

In addition to conducting clinics, small group sessions, and providing gym programming, Coach Amber also helps train staff, implement training systems and procedures, and provides continuing education programs.

Need help implementing a system of current and potential clients for your fitness facility? Sheppard Strength can help your health club.

Having managed and helped redesign Personal Training infrastructures for over dozens of gyms across the nation we have the tools to not only earn your facility additional revenue but to make sure the product puts your business above the rest in your area.


Gym Management

  • Single owner or multiple owner clubs of all sizes (small business to global franchises)
  • Personable, knowledgeable staff who have been where you are and know how to improve upon, or implement, operating systems, marketing, and training programs

Trainer Development

  • On board trainer processing
  • Internships and shadowing opportunities
  • Continuing Education Curriculum focusing on real world training scenarios, clients, & sales
  • Seminars specific to trainers' field of study or gym niche