Pro Tip Thursday

Pro Tip Thursday: 12.29.16

Nothing says the holidays like eating your bodyweight in foods you really don't care about just because you're bored. I use that apathetic energy, bloat, and self loathing to create more Team Infirmary Pro Tip videos for all you strength and conditioning, powerlifting, and olympic weightlifting nerds out there.

Enjoy the last two week's worth of videos (I know you probably missed last week's while you were preparing your body for stale popcorn and brownies) below.

Spoiler alert: this week's compilation (12.29.16) has me dancing and singing. And trying on homecoming dresses.

In case you missed last week's Team Infirmary Pro Tip mashup because you were busy stuffing your face and waiting on Santa, check it out above.

This week's compilation of Pro Tips for all powerlifters, olympic lifters, and sports performance connoisseurs. 

New videos are uploaded daily in my Instagram story (@sheppardstrength) but I put some extras into the YouTube channel to reward you sad, souls who plow through them. I'm kidding, you aren't sad. You are actually validating my existence.

Post your own videos online, tag me, and use #TeamInfirmary so I can see them.

Is this a subject you need advice on and want to hear my Pro Tip about it? Comment below or shoot me a message so we can address it this week.