Face On Mars

Music Monday: Face On Mars Mash Up

Switching gears from last week's Pantera pick, this week's Music Monday is local Mississippi band Face on Mars. They describe themselves as "a cataclysmic combination of heavy blues rock and loud fuzz with elements of psychedelic rock, doom metal, and southern sludge."

What does that mean? I don't know but I absolutely listen to this entire album training...and driving. A lot.

I couldn't pick just one song so you get four:

  • "Beat Em Dead"
  • "Jump the Gun", "Source of Ignition", and "Psychedelic Jesus" in the video compilation of the first Olympic weightlifting meet in Mississippi history (hello shameless Mississippi Barbell plug).

Buy their album here. If you support local weightlifters and local business, then support this local band!

How'd you like the songs? Would you have picked something else? Sound off in the comments below!