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Tuesday Ten: Why You Need A Local, Licensed Nutritionist

As a recovered exercise bulimic and binge eater, I never thought I would ever have a healthy relationship with food. I went through three nutritionists before I found one that meshed well with my personality and my mind. Before you get up in arms, the other three weren't bad at their jobs at all (and Sarah is my spirit animal). My brain wasn't in the right place to actually make any changes. Once I entered consistent therapy, got on medication, and made a very conscious effort to address my underlying issues, then I was able to make a lifestyle change.

But I couldn't have done it without my spirit animal, food guru, and friend Constance Shelby, CEO and owner of Perfect Fit Nutrition.

Who knew fruits could be so funny? Constance Shelby did. Perfect Fit Nutrition will get you healthy and keep you smiling. Seriously!

Who knew fruits could be so funny? Constance Shelby did. Perfect Fit Nutrition will get you healthy and keep you smiling. Seriously!

1. Accountability

Real accountability. It's no secret I remotely train clients but I've never shied away from the fact that seeing someone in person consistently is better than analyzing a few lifts here and there.

Nutrition works the same way. Constance has face-to-face consultations and follow ups. You can't cheat your logs. You know your meeting is coming up and it helps keep you on the primrose path.

Also included in some packages? Unlimited email and text check ins and contact. I once woke up at 11:00 am one day (I think I went to bed at 5:00 like a wild woman) and was like " I skip breakfast? Do I skip lunch? Do I eat everything now? HALP". I texted her and she shot me an answer back quickly. And without judgement.

2. Personalization

Sure, you can pay $25 to follow a cookie-cutter template for whatever you think your goals are from some Instagram celebrity who only has an online certification from Diets Are Us (I made that name up so if it's real it's a coincidence. Don't sue me, please).

But are you going to see real results? Probably not. Everyone is different so we all need different things in our diets. More than that, we all work differently. Someone may be able to count macros but someone else may need meal plans only because numbers send them into a tail spin (*raises hand*).

Constance will use whatever system works for you to help you achieve your goals without you going insane.

3. Credentials

"I lost 50 pounds and now I'm going to tell you how to do it" is NOT a credential. Also, most states have laws against people without credentials and state licensure creating meal plans and giving advice.  Spoiler alert: Mississippi is one of them.

I love Constance for many reasons but one of them is the fact she has worked with EVERY population out there. Seriously. Folks with diabetes and heart disease. Those who wanted to lose weight. Others who wanted to gain weight. Juveniles and adults.

Did you know she was the Health & Wellness Director at a nonprofit for 5 years? Or that she was recognized as the 2015 Young Dietitian of the Year? She has a BS and Masters in her field?

So, yea. Constance knows her stuff and will keep you healthy without ruining your metabolism and mind.

4. Improved Sports Performance

Local sports teams, functional fitness athletes, triathletes, and olympic weightlifters have used Constance to gain an advantage on and off the competition field. Each sport requires different fuel so sit down with her to iron out your goals to get you on top the podium. I lost 25 pounds but my muscle mass continued to increase as did my bench press.

That's actually me in October after only 8 weeks. Hay girl hayyyyyyyyy

That's actually me in October after only 8 weeks. Hay girl hayyyyyyyyy


5. Combat Genetic and Lifestyle Diseases

I personally have a family medical history that includes everything under the sun: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke risk, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. Constance worked my plan so I could offset those concerns.

But if you are currently suffering from health concerns, it's not too late to work with a trained professional like her. You need the correct information and strategies to make sure you stay healthy for the long run.

Plus, paying for medications all the time is expensive. I can't promise she can ween you off all medications but I know she has kept me off medications so far. And a lower dosage could mean less money that comes out of your pocket. We ain't made of money! (Well if you are please consider buying training packages or donating to Mississippi Barbell)

6. Budget Friendly

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for professional nutritional advice. Perfect Fit Nutrition has options for every sized wallet.

I'm not rolling in dough (oh like you didn't know. A criminal defense attorney, weightlifting coach, and nonprofit owner? Please. I'm like Robin Hood without the cool hat. Or being a fox) but I was able to find a package that worked with my budget and lifestyle. You get what you pay for.

7. You Won't Starve

Probably my favorite part about working with Constance and Perfect Fit is the fact I wasn't deprived of the things I loved. I love cheese and dessert. So guess what? I get both every single day. And I still lost weight and had a beautiful mindset about it all. Gone was the guilt and shame associated with foods. She taught me foods aren't good and evil: they are food.

Quit playin, yall. Get you some cheese and live your life!

8. She Is A Real Human Being

If I were blonde and enjoyed being social, then I like to think I would be Constance. She is my spirit animal in the fact that she is as real they come. Seriously. Don't let her bubbly personality fool you. She'll give you tough love if you need it BUT she will do it without judgement. And with a smile on her face.

She's a wife, a mom, and a business owner. She knows what it's like to run around like a chicken with her head cut off most days. If you need meals on the run, you aren't going to have to live out of a Tupperware container. She added in days where I could eat Chick Fila and Newks when I was running around. Once again, no shame. No judgement. Just delicious food.

Also, if you don't follow her social media, you really should. She cracks me up.

9. You Will Learn Something

If your nutritionist or dietician hides things from you then they just want your money. Find someone who empowers you. Like Perfect Fit Nutrition.

Once again, just another reason why Constance is head and shoulders above some peers. Rather than just throw a meal plan your way, Constance sits down and tells you WHY she wrote it that way.

She has Education only sessions in some packages as well. Learn everything you want to know about food and how it fuels your body. Her Fitastic Challenges (the private facebook group) do just that--- every. single. day.

10. You Want A Lifestyle Change

I know in this day and age everyone wants quick results. You can go on crash diets, slap caffeine patches on your body, or give in to whatever Shake of the Week gimmick is on facebook and get those results. Then gain the weight back.

Working with Constance will get you long-lasting results. They won't be super quick but you will see changes. And they won't leave you quicker than your paycheck does when you go to Whole Foods.  By promoting healthy and consistent eating habits, you will feel better and begin to live your life again.

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