Pro Tip Thursday: 12.22.16

Santa is a jovial old Man and he will breaking and entering into your house this Sunday. Why not have some laughs of your own before your house is ransacked by watching some Team Infirmary Pro Tip Videos from the last week?

Spoiler alert: I will also be eating all of your cookies and blaming him for it.

Photo credit: somewhere on the internet

Photo credit: somewhere on the internet

New videos are uploaded daily in my Instagram story (@sheppardstrength) but I put some extras into the YouTube channel to reward you sad, souls who plow through them. I'm kidding, you aren't sad. You are actually validating my existence.

Post your own videos online, tag me, and use #TeamInfirmary so I can see them.

Is this a subject you need advice on and want to hear my Pro Tip about it? Comment below or shoot me a message so we can address it this week.

As always if you're bored at work on waiting on Uncle Joe to shut up so you can change the TV to something other than the news, feel free to scour through the Archives.