Music Monday: Slayer, "Hate Worldwide"

Hide your wife. Hide your kids. Slayer's making errybody's ear drums bleed. This pick is a stark contrast to the melodic 80s song of yesteryear from last week but it's my jam.

Is it the most well known Slayer (or SLAYERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) song? No. Do I like other Slayer songs better? Yep. Should you listen to this at work or around children? NOT AT ALL.

But it's my go-to song lately. I use it pump myself up before the gym, getting ready in the morning for court, or when I have crippling social anxiety and need a little boost.

Before you listen to the lyrics and start stoning's just a song. I don't sacrifice lambs and I'm a good human being.

My scars insane, my life profane
I deny, defy, and spread a little hate, worldwide!
— Slayer

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