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My name is Rachel Broussard and I’m a real, live athlete for Mississippi Barbell under the coaching of Amber Sheppard.

I first became introduced to weightlifting back when I became a USA Swimming athlete, and we did various powerlifting movements to supplement our sport. Even as a teenage I saw the value in weightlifting and how much stronger of a swimmer I was with weightlifting added. After entering college, I only swam recreationally and no longer lifted weights, but did spin class and ran.

It wasn’t until about two years ago when I started functional fitness that I became interested in the barbell again. I attended a seminar in Laurel, MS where Amber was doing Olympic lifting technique work. In the beginning of the class I thought, “man, the clean & jerk and snatch are only two movements... and that’s ALL you do in Olympic weightlifting? That’s boring”. Oh was I wrong.

Shortly after the seminar I signed up to become a remote athlete for Amber, meaning I send in videos and perform her programming at my local box.

After about 1.5 years with this mad, dog-loving woman, it’s safe to say I’m hooked. I’m always looking to get better, and no matter how much my form improves Amber always finds ways to push me to do better. I’ve gone from a cardio queen to wanting nothing to do with metcons... ;) She’s the best, and I’m so very thankful to have Amber as my coach and friend.
— Rachel Broussard, remote weightlifting athlete + one on one sessions

Amber is a true professional with a passion for her work. It is obvious when someone is not only good at their job but holds a desire to excel with an honest enthusiasm for something. As a gym owner and experienced trainer, Coach Amber has helped me as an athlete and a coach. Her process, programming, and keen eye have been a great benefit to my gym and myself, whether it be one-on-one sessions or group seminars.

When I was looking for a coach, her dedication was apparent by how hard she worked to build a quality weightlifting program in Mississippi. Her long hours, long days, in depth video work, and spot on programming never leaves an athlete questioning her work ethic or skill. I look forward to many more years of working with her have having as a welcomed addition to the Gulfport CrossFit crew.
— Patrick Burgess, Gulpfort CrossFit owner, remote programming athlete & group class participant

Amber has come to our gym a few times now for private small group sessions and I’ve also traveled to be part of of her class as well. Even with the small amount of time we have had she has managed to break down my clean and jerk and my snatch, giving me beneficial critiques and pointers that have now not only allowed me to become better in my form but allowed me to make recent PR’s that I would not have made without her fixing my mistakes every time she has worked with me!

Amber is very professional and well worth your money! She most definitely knows what she is doing and always look forward to working with her!
— Erin Glisson, functional fitness small group and clinic participant

When I started my programming with Amber Sheppard of Mississippi Barbell my legit snatch was around 175 pounds. Granted I had “(functional fitness) snatched” 195 pounds with a lot of press outs, but it wasn’t legit. I have been on the program for around 6 or 7 months now. Saturday I hit a solid 210 (95.5kg) snatch. My goal going in was to hit a 200 kilo total which would qualify me for worlds and I have surpassed that goal quickly. Staying the course and buying into the program was hard for me in these times of instant gratification, but I’m definitely a believer now!
— Billy G, national functional fitness Games athlete

I am very grateful to Amber for all of her hard work promoting Olympic lifting in the state of Mississippi! It has been an inspiration to me and has gotten me back into this sport which I loved so much in the 1970’s.

I appreciate all your coaching and encouragement both at a meet and also through training programs you designed for this older crippled up lifter.
— Kevin Kraemer, Masters lifter and national/international medalist

Amber is an amazing model and coach. She demonstrates lifts with such precision that simply watching her in the gym has made my lifts better. (She definitely isn’t one about whom it could be said, ‘those who cannot do, teach.’) Amber is also great at suggesting minor tweaks in technique that make all the difference. Within just a few minutes of working with me, she suggested I widen my squat stance by a few inches, and that had a big impact on my lifts. Amber has high expectations for her athletes, and then helps them to set and reach their goals. With her coaching, I was able to take first place in my weight class at my very first meet. The most important thing to know about Amber, though, is that she is a woman of integrity. Trust her.
— Shelli, masters weightlifting athlete for Mississippi Barbell

I started strength training with Amber a couple months ago and it has been worth every penny. Prior to her, I never had any professional instruction when lifting so my gains remained low and my form incorrect (even though I thought I knew what I was doing). Since working with Amber, I’ve added considerable weight to all of my lifts and some major tweaks have been made to my form, which makes a world of difference. I’m excited to see where I can go with this. As a woman, it’s refreshing to have a goal that pertains to what you can do with your body as opposed to what it looks like. I feel very powerful after every session and that’s something that translates to other aspects of my life. Also, an added bonus to the partnership is that her humor is top notch and free of charge. Each session is like a personal comedy show, only a tad sweatier.
— Hannah R, personal strength training client

I began working with Amber in 2014; I was always strong but my technique was nothing short of embarrassing & my mobility was non existent. Through countless sessions we began our competitive career at the 2014 Nationals. Being new to larger meets I didn’t know what to expect but it was a great experience. All I had to do was make weight and hit my lifts. Amber even had me a bar loader for the warm ups. I was able to only concentrate.

We won state titles and local competitions but Top 3 nationally or internationally was always my goal. We refocused for the 2015 Nationals after qualifying for the 2014 World Finals. At the 2015 Nationals, we were prepared, hit our scheduled lift and then a small window of opportunity opened when one lifter missed. That’s when Amber is better then the rest. She is a hawk as to where everyone stands and what is going on. She is ready for any opening and she won’t miss a shot. Needless to say we took Silver at the 2015 Nationals with her behind the wheel.

If you’re looking to have a coach that won’t sugar coat things and is always supportive for your best interest, then this is the one you should use. I thank Amber for the medal that no one can ever take away from me.
— Derek "Spike Richards, Spike's CrossFit gym owner, national medalist & World Qualifier (Masters)

Amber has an amazing ability to find your inefficiencies through video analysis and then program specific movements around those inefficiencies. After the first video and within the first month of programming, I found immediate results and consistently pr’d my lifts about every 8 weeks. In addition to finding your technical problems, she keys in on mobility issues and provides feedback on how to improve. This proved to be as helpful as the programming
— Jason W, remote weightlifting athlete (program and video analysis) + one on one session

Amber is wonderful and inspiring to work with. She is great at listening to her clients. She asks questions about your goals, and she creates a program to help you reach them. Amber will adjust the program as necessary, while still pushing you to your limit. Her wisdom in the fitness arena is well beyond anyone I’ve ever worked with. A flexible schedule is important to me, and Amber is always willing to offer a solution to a last minute conflict. If you get the opportunity to train under Amber, you better take it!
— Todd W, personal training client at Anytime Fitness

Though I’ve done functional fitness for 2.5 years, I’ve never considered myself to be a weightlifter. It was ingrained in my brain that barbells were intimidating, unfeminine, uninteresting. As a member of Crossfit 601, I was able to attend two free weightlifting seminars and a mock meet with Mississippi Barbell Club. Though brief, these sessions helped me have more body awareness, efficiency, and confidence in my Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Amber and her volunteers provided valuable information about each movement which helped me better understand the complexities involved with their compliments and corrections. I’m excited for future opportunities to benefit from Amber and her team!
— Marissa W, weightlifting clinic participant